Download v1.0.0.5 - 06/08/2014 - Download as NuGet Package v1.0.0.5 - 06/08/2014 - Demo Programs Source Code

X32 DMX Demo v1.0.0.0 - 05/31/2014 - Download
Turn your unused DCA faders into a simple DMX controller to control simple lights, fog, haze, etc.  Requires Entec DMX USB Pro.

Class Documentation

To install via NuGet:

1) Create a Solution in Visual Studio
2) Right click on your project in the Solution Explorer
3) Select "Manage NuGet Packages"
4) On the left of the NuGet Management dialog be sure you are viewing Online -> All
5) Search for "x32" (search field is in upper right of dialog)
6) It should find
7) Press Install

To validate the install was complete, you should see "x32dotnet.dll" in your project references.